Friday, May 28, 2010

The fog is clearing

The Confederate flag flies with OLD GLORY above the square in Greenwood. There is a lot of segregation history in this town. Martin Luther King marched to this square if I remember correctly. Suzy told me several stories about the happenings during that awful period of time in this country. I just can't remember the details of them all.
The courthouse in the square in Greenwood. It was really a beautiful building. That is a magnolia tree on the right side of the picture.

And this is a magnolia blossom. Have never smelled anything sweeter in my life. They are stunningly beautiful.

Cotton is certainly king in the Mississippi delta area. The cotton gins are huge. Guess I didn't know that.

The Yalobusha River. That is a mouth full huh. I had to write it down so I could remember it.
All of the rivers are so muddy. Suzy said its because its close to the MS River and it is muddy. I don't think I would even want to eat a fish out of it. There were people fishing. ICK.

This was in an old cemetery. Lots of Civil War graves too. The time frame was awesome to me. The thing that really ticked me off was that so many of the old graves were desecrated - the stones broken, knocked over and scattered. Why would someone do something like that?

This was in Greenwood. It made me laugh.

People really do live in this house. There were a lot similar and I would have taken pictures but there were people on the porches and I would not embarrass them for anything. Poorer than poor people.

The Greenwood swamp. I would not even open the window of the car. I could just imagine the bugs. I kept looking for an alligator but did not find any. Too far north I think, I don't know. They can stay hidden if they were there. The Cypress trees were very interesting.

Caroline trying on her new toe shoes. She has taken ballet for a long time. I wanted to see her on her toes but that never worked. She has a recital Fathers Day weekend in Grenada.

This is a cemetery near Suzy's. I don't know why the fences and roofs over the graves. Does anyone have an idea. Very strange to me.

This is a little stream on Suzanne and Lindsey's property. It was so cool looking., Loved it. It just runs out of the brushy area.

Elvis's eye. He was so sweet. He is actually a pinto I think, grey and white. He is about 30" at the withers.

They call these buttercups but they are not like buttercups here that grow close to the ground the very early spring. They were pretty though.
I know this is supposed to be about horses but that will come again. Today I went down to work some with Sage and every time I touched her shoulder she tried to bite me. Not nice about it either. Tomorrow we are getting the wood to fix the round pen so I can really work her there. We do have another mustang mare here to work too. She is a pretty thing but aggressive.
Hope your Memorial Day weekend is wonderful


  1. My husband grew up very close to there, and lived through the Civil Rights era and its often dangerous conflicts. There are many, many poor people there living in third world conditions - we who live comfortably often forget that, I think.

  2. The desecrated graves are usually the black part of cemetaries or all black cemetaries. There is no depth to hate in some minds. We've seen that so many times and makes me ill. The little houses and things is just the way people like to fix up their family graves. They don't want people walking on them.. Or maybe gradma always liked shade? many reasons. Those old grave yards have no rules like the new ones.

  3. oh and btw that is Mississippi's State Flag not the Confederate flag.