Sunday, May 30, 2010

A good day

At last I have my "new" car. Ever since I drove a Toyota Camry last year when my car was being repaired after I got rear ended, I have wanted one. I knew I was going to get a car with the settlement when I got it. It came while I was visiting my niece and my sister and their families. We had gone looking just before I left but could not find one in our price range. So yesterday there was one in our paper, Bob called about it, we went to see it, I drove it. We came home and talked about it. Bob called today and made them an offer and they took it. We went out and in no time at all I was driving my car home. No its not brand new but it is to me and I love it. It has every bell and whistle that I wanted including the color. I wanted red but that was not a deal breaker unless it was grey. I did not want another grey car. Anyway, here it is.
Back to Mississippi pictures. This little shop is in Carrollton, MS. I loved the name of it. Carrollton is a sweet little town.

Caroline and I after we got home from church. Isn't she beautiful. She will be a senior this fall at Kirks Academy in Grenada, MS.

A turkey buzzard. I guess the proper word is vulture. The are huge birds and they just float in the air currents. Not too pretty to look at up close but I loved to watch them soar.

Lake Grenada. It was much larger than I thought it would be. No one is allowed to own beach property and there is no businesses on the lake shore.

The house. I think it is stunning. The balcony on the second floor on the right hand side is the room that I got to call mine for a week.

If you are country music fans and know Brooks and Dun's song "Red Dirt Road" it must have been made because of this road.

I really got a giggle out of this building. Isn't that funny? At least I thought it was anyway.

So did this this place. It wasn't in operation any more but the sign is still there.

Chief Duck. I would be rolling my eyes too. I think that is what it looks like he is doing. The town of Duck Hill is named after this guy.

And we are standing together.

Cricket rolling in the dirt after our ride. Carrie had hosed her down and this is the thanks she got.

I loved that pose. She just sat there a few and let us take her picture. She is a character and am so thrilled that I got to see her all grown up.
Church was especially good this morning. I am so glad to have been there. The message was about running from God. Pastor Monte had a difficult week because it was just a year ago this weekend that his 17 year old son died after his 4th or 5th. open heart surgery.
Some sunshine today, that was a relief after a very wet week. Blessings to you all.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trio. Cricket is beautiful, as is Baby Dash. But, Cricket takes the prize on that one. Aren't you glad you sent her to Caroline, so you can see her and ride her once in awhile? Love the old country towns; so many are dying. We just lost the post office in the little town down the road and one little cafe closed; the other is up for sale. (No, I have worked in the restaurant industry too many years to want to take it on). Keep popping in the photos; a visit to a place I have never seen!