Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

This is Memorial Day. My pictures are still of Mississippi. I think tomorrows are the end of these pictures. Then, comes Tennessee.
Cricket running in the pasture. Sure is a mustang isn't she. I just love her alot.

Isn't that a mustang post though. She is such a character.
Maybe I will just eat a while. I could have sat there and took pictures all day I think. I miss her but know she is right where she is supposed to be. She and Carrie have a very special bond. I love that. You know mustangs pick their people and she picked Caroline.

Now Caroline is on Baby Dash practicing barrels. She flies. I thought I uploaded another picture but it is not here. It was just more flying around.

Caroline and I on the balcony of a bookstore in Oxford, MS. She was about tired of having her picture taken.

Carrie and her mom Suzy. She had had it with the camera. I told her I was going to plaster her face all over the Internet.

Another Carrie in the bookstore.

This little poster was on the wall of the ladies room. I want it but no one knows how to get the poster. I got a copy off the Internet of the writing but I wanted that with her picture on it. Her name is Nadine Stair. She is 85 years old or so.

This is Ole Miss where Caroline is going to college in a year. I believe she has already been accepted. Its a beautiful campus.

Just liked that. Caroline is a dancer not a band girl. I do believe she plays the flute but that is not her priority right now.
I do hope you are not completely bored with my pictures yet. Am just hitting the high spots.
We had a really good day today. We went into Big R this morning and got some horse stuff because they had a wonderful sale today. We went to Walmart and got some stuff and 12 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants and a lemon balm plant. I don't know what you use it for but love the smell of the leaves. Now I have to go back and get tomato cages. I only have one.
Hope your weekend was wonderful. I am so thankful to have born in this wonderful country. We hear the phrase "Freedom isn't free" and I am so grateful to the families who have sacrificed so much so we can be free.

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