Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can You Believe It's June?

The last of Mississippi. This is where I spent part of the birthday. In Tupalo, Mississippi at the birthplace of Elvis Presley. I have not ever been to Graceland where he lived but he was born in this very house. I sat in the swing on the front porch.
Don't know who was sitting there when I took that picture. It is what is known as a shotgun house. The front door and back door are straight from each other.

A statue of Elvis at 13. His mother bought him his guitar that year I believe. He wanted a gun but she bought him a guitar. He learned to play it on his own.

This is the little church that he first sang in. It was moved on to these grounds because the land it was on was sold for commercial use. It is a cute little Assembly of God church.

This is the memorial chapel in the museum. It looked and smelled like a funeral parlor. Not my favorite place there.

Good by Mississippi. I had a wonderful time.
This is crossing the Tennessee River at sunset. We had been through a corner of Alabama and then into Tennessee. We were on the Natchez Trace.

I went to walk down closer to the river to take a picture and realized a guy was camped down there. I didn't go any further. It was so beautiful there.

This is Penny. She is about 11 and guards there entire neighborhood. She is a good old girl. She always acts like she remembers me from one visit to the next.

My niece Tina and her angel Jimmy. He is 6. Jimmy has Ceberal Palsey. He is a sweet loving little boy and a funny sense of humor. He is getting more verbal all the time and its wonderful to hear him talk. One or two words at a time. You never quite know what he will say.

He was telling me HUG Hug so I was hugging that sweet little boy. Don't know how I got two of these so just pretend the next one isn't there.

Spike is the cat of the family. He loves Sharon, hates Brownie. Its funny.

Tina's older son Riley. He is a real character. He loves us and calls Bob Uncle Bobby. We all laugh our heads off except Bob. But that's OK. And he loves my dog Skeeter. He wanted them to both come with me.

And this is Liam. He has more energy than the entire family put together. Sharon's grandchildren have all picked out their names for me. Caroline calls me Grammy. She started that when she was 3 and still calls me that. Liam calls me AnnaLea. Loved it. The flowers were for his Whammommy which is what he calls hims Grandma. Aren't kids funny?

This pond is down the lane from Sharon's house. Penny loves to swim in it. Sharon, Liam, his mama Kat and I took a walk around it. Everyone got ticks on them but me. I was combing my hair and itching just thinking about what might be on me.
I am so disappointed in my progress with Sage. She is needing me to almost start from the beginning. I touched her shoulder today after rubbing her with the stick and she swung her head around with her mouth open. I kept the stick between me and her head but it scared me a little. Bob is working on the round pen so I can get her going. The little pen is good for gentling but not good for really working. At least not for me.
The remaining two of the four we bought and were sick are doing great. One is sharing Candy with Snickers and the other is going to be a bottle baby. Well a bucket actually. His name is Jack and the other is Joe.
Life is busy here on Calico Acres Farm.

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