Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am home

I am glad to be home. Got here about 11 last night. My body is still on central time and am haveing a bit of jet lag I guess.
I don't know where this is. I thought it was Spokane but don't think it is. Maybe Salt Lake City.
My first morning in Mississippi. The view from the deck down towards their barn. Every thing to the left of the road is theirs. It was a beautiful view.

Lucky. He is a darling little Westie. I told him when I left if he ever needed me to call and I would send him airfare. I could have brought him home with me.

Ernesto is the bald faced baby and Romeo is the other. They are about a year old. Cute little geldings. They are half quarter horse and half Tennessee Walker. Very cute little guys.

This is Elvis, King of the place. They need to geld him in my opinion but he is a cutie. He is about 3 I think.

And this is Cricket. We gave her to Caroline 3 years ago. They love each other. There will be more pictures of her. She is a Kiger Mustang that I adopted when she was 4 months old. Last year Carrie showed her in the State of Mississippi 4H horse show and placed 3rd in halter in the class of All other breeds.
This has been a long day. I am very tired. Have been working on unpacking and napping all day. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to accomplish more. Maybe I will have more to say then. I for sure will have more pictures. I could really bore you by printing all of them.


  1. Yes! Post all your pictures! LOL I want to see them :)