Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are blessed with Wind

Today's blog is going to be more pictures than words. I worked today and I am bushed and have to get up early for another day at the horse show.
Does this cow not look like she is ready to have her baby. I thought her udder might pop.

When we woke up this morning this is what we found. Snickers is her name. Her mom's name is Candy. Appropriate name for baby right? I thought so.
Snickers and Candy. She wanted to go back to eating the afterbirth which was gagging me but I know that is what they do.

This is Yang. Kind of the barn. He was laying there in the sun and just looked like he wanted his picture taken.

Our egg gather for the day. We need to start selling some. We could not possibly eat that many eggs.

Today when I got home I changed my clothes and went down to have a time with Sage. The wind was blowing 40 mph so it was not the best day. She let me run her though. The wind was blowing stuff around so she was not as relaxed.

This old hen is Lucky. She is blind in one eye and crippled on one leg. She has survived three dog attacks or coyote or some kind of critter attacks. The last was dogs. I caught them. Bob says she is the only chicken he knows that will have a proper funeral when she dies.

Petting under her neck. She was a little more relaxed there but it was not a day to really do too much with her.

One of the little hens that Tracey gave me last summer. She lays blue eggs. Shes very friendly too. We have to keep her wings clipped though because she does not want to stay in the chicken pen if we don't.

Just having a nice conversation.

Not a good picture but this little guy is Amos. He came when we bought his mother Annie.

Mr. Cockadoodle Doo = King of the chicken pen. He is very nice and likes to be petted.
That's it from around Calico Acres Farm today and yesterday.
Got some really bad news today about my camera. It is not repairable. A couple of years ago someone and I can't remember the circumstance, spilled lemonade on my camera. The next day I took it to Huppins and their fixit man said he cleaned it and it would be OK. Well it was not cleaned inside and it deteriorated. It would cost almost 400.00 to try and fix it and he could not guarantee it. I can get a new body, brand new with a guarantee for 420.00. So Bob told me to go over on Tuesday and get the new one. I will never go to Huppins again. I am not telling anyone else what to do, I just am not.
Off to bed, off to work in the AM.


  1. Oh Lea I'm sorry about the camera! I loved your pictures. Reminds me of our farm. a little bit of everything. I love living around it I just don't want to take care of it any more :) So I'll just watch you~

  2. Cute name for the calf :) I used to lease a mare named Taffy, her mom was Candy, she had a half sister named Skittles, and two colts named Snickers and KitKat, it was the "Candy line", lol. Hope things work out for your camera :(

  3. Congratulations! Another member of the farm. What a blessing.