Monday, April 26, 2010


Darn, it seems the days I accomplish the most with Sage, no one is around to take a picture. #l - I walked up to her and picked up the rope with no stick first rubbing her hip. She just let me walk up and pick the rope up right up by her chin. #2 And the biggest wahoooooooooo so far with her. I was rubbing her neck and reaching under her neck to rub the other side, that in itself was great BUT I tried touching her face and I rubbed all over her face. Clear up between her eyes and all down over her nose and across the lips. She just stood there. I wish I had a picture but don't. I think I could have almost really hugged her but did not want to push her too far. She is giving to the rope much better too. I cried when she let me rub her face like that. She really trusts me. When I was scratching her neck she sighed and just leaned into me. A wonderful day.

Not much else going on. After working all weekend and being tired out last night today I had to do house stuff. Did lay down and take a little nap. Felt good.

Snickers and Amos are doing well. Two more calves due one of these days. Lizzie is a first calf heifer and we bought her pregnant so no idea. Spot should not be too much longer. She never bags up much in advance. Bob is at the livestock auction to see if he can get another calf to put on Candy. She will feel any that come along and wants to eat. She has enough milk for three I think. She has enough dairy in her to produce a lot of milk.

A warm day, no rain but that is supposed to come tomorrow. Take care..........................



  1. That is wonderful - I love your descriptions even when there are no pictures!

  2. Good job! When you get around to it; how about some more calfie photos, too?

  3. Sage is making very good progress!