Thursday, April 22, 2010

A great day

My neighbor Shannon's goat had a baby yesterday. She was so sweet. When we returned her trailer that we had borrowed, she asked me if I wanted to see her newest babies. She had 3 but this one wanted to be held.
The Johnny Jump Ups have started blooming. Love them. That whole corner by the porch is purple with them. There will be yellow ones soon. They always bloom just a little later for some reason.

Sage and I having a discussion. She is giving to the rope very nicely in to a small area. Love it. She gets a little excited with someone walks up to the pen. She had been doing it well on a loose rope until Bob walked up to take the picture.

She was so relaxed. She chewed and sighed and just relaxed. I kept telling her I wanted to hug her neck but I knew she wasn't ready. I went up her neck to the halter before I quit. She is more relaxed every day when I work with her. I only do about 20 minutes 3x a day or sometimes 4. She has just about quit wigging out when I go in to work with her or to put her hay in the feeder. She just watches me. All this in one week. It excites me to even think about it.
My mother died 16 years ago today. I miss her every day. She lived in Tennessee her last few years and I called her about every day. I still think I need to call Mama and tell her........... . It also is our oldest granddaughter Deanna's birthday. She lives in Maryland and I don't hear from her very often but she knows I love her and her two boys. They were our first two great grandchildren.
It rained and was icky when I woke up but by noon the sun began to shine and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Not so warm but sunshiney and that is important to me.


  1. Wonderful progress with Sage! I can only imagine how satisfying and rewarding that must be to have her trust...what an honor! I can relate to missing your mom and wanting to talk to her. My mom died 5 years ago, and my dad died 15 years ago. I still miss them so much it hurts. I don't think I will ever stop wanting to share things with them. I think it's supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend. It will feel good to soak up some sun.

  2. What a cutie that baby goat is! I love the flowers - I have them all over my yard too. I've had to pull some up in the flower beds and I hate doing that but they were taking over. I know just what you mean about your mother. I mother died nearly 7 years ago - Daddy 4 months before her. Losing them both so close together was awful and I miss them every day. blessings, marlene

  3. I can relate to losing Mom. And, my grandmother. You never get over it. There are times I feel so alone just because they are not here. I know I will see them both again. I just try to live my life so someone will miss me when I am gone....that, to me, is the greatest testament to someone's life. To be missed. Sage is really coming along. Totally different personality than Rusty. How gratifying. I cannot wait til the day she nickers because you came out to see her....