Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trail Ride Saturday

There are no pictures, no pictures because my camera would not work. It just flashes error. I got so upset. I thought well Andrea will have her camera and hers died at about 4 pictures. Mary had hers in her truck. We did get a picture of the group of us however she has not sent it to me yet. Good grief and I wanted pictures really bad.

We did have a wonderful ride. Mary had a little problem in the first 10 minutes but then her beautiful black mare did just fine. There were six of us and we had a wonderful ride - all of us on mustangs too. Pepper was good but I didn't go through any water either. I found out that the riding pants I bought this past week were wonderful. They are very comfy. I am not sure the spurs did any good except make Pepper keep up. That was a good thing.

We were (are) going on a ride tomorrow unless it snows. That is predicted. If there is snow on the ground here there will be a lot of snow over there. Darn.

Have a great Sunday.

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