Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marie Creek

Another day with no camera. Sigh. We left home about 8 for the Marie Creek trailhead which is just east of Couer D'Alene. We were the last trailer to arrive but we were earlier than the time posted on the internet. We left in the second group out. The guys were armed with chain saws, pulaskis and stuff. I was at the tail end so I got to hold horses. We (meaning the guys, I was holding horses remember)repaired the trail as it needed and sawed trees out that had fallen on the trail. We took a while. The trail was a mess with wash outs and trees over the trail from the bad winds we have been having. At the Switch Wish intersection of 3 trails Bob and I decided to go back the way we came instead of going over the top. It was about 5 miles back and 10 over the top. After riding yesterday today was almost too much. We made it though and had a wonderful time. We had lunch by the creek.

Wendy tried to fix my camera but nothing worked. I will take it to Huppins tomorrow. They were not open today even if I had been able to get back in time to get it in there. I have a routine doctor appointment tomorrow morning and then will hit downtown.

4 days till Sage. It better be right this time. I am frustrated. Have got to have a camera by then. GOT TO GOT TO.

Have a happy Monday

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  1. Get that camera fixed!! We want photos of Sage's arrival!! wooo-hooo!!!!