Friday, April 9, 2010

Some sun, More windf

Not much to post. I am going to bed early to prepare for our trail ride tomorrow. Its going to be nicer but not warm tomorrow. I have enough clothes laid out to keep warm though.
A funny story about the old mares and the two donkeys who are in a small pasture together. The old mares have been getting Alfalfa hay and the donks get grass. They found out they were missing out on the alfalfa. They tried running off the mares but nothing to do. So we decided rather than have them do something silly and not eat their hay, that we would just give them all grass. Well this evening when I fed I put the hay in each of their places to eat. The girls went to eating. They didn't mind having that good grass hay but the donkeys kept trying to get their hay because they thought they still had alfalfa. They would not eat theirs so the mares ate their own and then left the scraps for Chemmy and Yuma and went and ate the donkeys hay. I had to laugh. Silly critters.

Hope to have pictures tomorrow from our ride. Have a peaceful Saturday.


  1. Have a nice ride tomorrow!

  2. LOL that's funny. Grass is always greener~