Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wind and hail - Hail and wind

Today my pictures are of our weather. Like I said Hail and Wind, Wind and Hail depending on what minute it was. This is the hail coming down just after I left that tack store purchasing some riding pants like Marilyn loaned me when I took my dip last month. I also got some socks that are microfiber. I hope I will be warmer and I will have dry clothes in my pack bag on the saddle with me. Won't be caught like that again.
Looking out the windshield. Mercy but I am ready for some warm weather. A month from Monday and I leave for Mississippi and Tennessee for a couple of weeks. It is warm there. Both places should have their pools open. Woopee.

The trees by the side of our place. A lot of the branches are all over. As well a garbage sack of pop cans and our trampoline. Its on its side, half of the legs came off. I think the wind picked it up. There will be a mess to clean up this weekend. Well, we have rides planned both days. Got to do it when you can.
Saturday is our Mustang Horse Club ride and Sunday is our Panhandle Back Country Horsemen ride at Marie Creek outside of Coeur D'Alene. I love riding there. Our ride Saturday is at Riverside State Park outside Spokane. I hope I can get out of bed Monday morning. I have a doctor appointment Monday. Nothing wrong, just need to check my meds. I am going to see if I can eliminate some of them.
So happy tomorrow. Friday is always a good day.


  1. What kind of riding pants did you buy?

  2. Kerrits, They are an English type pants but not like tight riding breeches. They are black and not as straight legged as breeches. They were 89.99 at Foxy Horse and Hound. And they are made of a microfiber and spandex. They have lots of them - You can see them Saturday.

  3. Our weather has been horrific ever since spring began! I am looking forward to warm weather more than I can relay...patience, will come, right?

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog lately. I really appreciate them. :)
    Hoping you really enjoy your trip. Have a dip in a warm pool for me, kay?