Monday, April 12, 2010

Hurry one place to another

Still no camera but Bob brought his little one in for me to use. My camera is now in the shop to be repaired over in Couer D'Alene. No one I could find around Spokane to repair it. Huppins gave me two names and both places were closed. They were not anxious to help me any more. I stopped in a Walgreens and asked the photography area who they tell people when they get asked. He opened up the phone book and found me a couple. One guy never called me back but the other was in Idaho and I was already half way there. It will be back in time to take to MS and TN. Its expensive but so was the camera and I have more than one lens and it is worth it.

Bonnie came out and worked with Cody today. She was here for a long time. He loves her so much. Rusty was very jealous. I laughed at her.

We had a strange young steer show up today. He was in with the horses. How he got there is a puzzle but there he was. The fences are all up. He was tired and hungry. We, with Bonnie's help got him into the round pen with hay and water. Bob drove around and found the people who own him. They will leave him here this week and bring him hay. He has been gone two days. We have been hearing him but could not see him. He was just weaned so was looking for a mom. I am glad he did not get into where our cows are. Both are getting ready to calve and he would have nursed and there would have gone babies colostrum.

Today was spent on the camera. Bob is off tomorrow. We will get stuff done then. Maybe we will even sneak in a little ride. Who knows although it is supposed to rain.

Maybe I will even practice a little with Bob's camera. Two days and then it will be Thursday. I am getting so excited inside. Bob is laughing at me, I am not laughing.

May your belly never grumble
May your heart never ache
May your horse never stumble,
May your cinch never break.
Cowboy blessing.


  1. I hope they can fix your camera.

  2. Poor little steer. But yes, very good he didn't nurse off of your cows!

    Good thing you have a little camera to use so we can see Sage when she gets there!

  3. Suzy would be disappointed if you didn't get your camera fixed!

  4. Poor little guy! Did he just scoot under the fence? He is probably wondering just how he managed to get in with those horses and not his potential mamas!