Sunday, April 18, 2010

I touched her

I did it. I touched her on day three. I started out rubbing her with an old driving whip.
I just got shorter and shorter and then I was scratching her with my hand. Wahoo. She relaxed when I had the stick. She likes the itching. She knew it was my hand, she was watching me.

This was the first time. She gets upset with noises. One time I accidentally hit the fence with the stick and she did a slam bang around the pen. Scared Bob but I knew I was OK. Tomorrow I will use a shorter stick.
She gives to the rope with her head. Haven't got her to take a step yet. At least not a real step.

I am holding the rope just below the snap. She was a little nervous but stood there.

Lindy and Raven getting acquainted at the hitch rail. Raven did not like Lindy too much. They made me giggle. Lindy gets so sick and tired of being in the stall. She still is lame. She and Sage talk back and forth.
It was a gorgeous day today. I know it won't last BUT am enjoying it while its here. Katie came out. She wanted me to ride with her but I just didn't feel like riding. Just wanted to relax, work with Sage and sit in the sun. So that is what I did.


  1. Good for you Mom. The ladies at the hitching post look like coffee over the fence, horse style!

  2. Ha ha i like this picture of Raven and Lindy! lol Raven sure wasnt too fond of Lindy nudging her every 5 seconds lol

  3. She is just beautiful, and already seems to tolerate you so well - it's so fun to read about your progress!

  4. She's so beautiful Lea - you're going to have so much fun getting better acquainted with her. blessings, marlene

  5. Oh, she is such a beauty!! I can only imagine how rewarding this kind of work must be for you...I would be so honored to know that they would trust me. How long have you had her? Glad to see you got some sunshine this past weekend too...sure felt good, didn't it? I've ridden Harley only once since I found out about his blindness, but I'll keep at it. It's a mind over matter thing with me because I rode him everywhere before. *sigh* I've become such a coward...however, obviously he trusts me more than I realized, so I'll just keep this in mind and take it one day at a time. Take care and blessings Lea!

  6. A wonderful day, getting to know each other. She is beautiful, Lea!