Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiring Day

Here she gets a real scratch and back rub. Didn't even have to hold the rope. I still have to start out with the little stick but then its OK. She even relaxed better today.

Working up the stick at first. Then can rub her. I did get up under her mane a little to rub but she got pretty nervous about that. Tomorrow we will try again.

She still gets nervous when you first walk in but goes in her circle and stands in the same place. This is her favorite side. She won't let me get close enough to rub the other side. Time and patience. Mustangs will teach you that.
Bob asked me to go to the livestock auction today and see if I could find some deals on some smaller steers to raise. We have orders for meat and have none coming. I did find one. He is small but they said he was crippled. That would not hurt meat but I could not see where he was crippled. When we got him home he bounced around the little field with no sign of lameness. We got a really good deal on him. Cattle went very high if you were a buyer. It was a tiring day to sit there. I wanted to be home to work more with Sage and to work outside. This was the warmest day of the year so far. Close to 80.


  1. The weather was great today!!!

  2. I'm amazed at how fast Sage is coming along. She must be a brave horse.

  3. You are both doing great!

  4. She might just come around quicker than you think. Three days and you can touch her. Wow.