Saturday, April 17, 2010

A beautiful day

We are going to be gone this evening so I am doing my blog earlier than usual.
I started with the bamboo pole today. Started out sitting on the fence but once I got to scratching her with he end of the pole she stopped and just stood there. Then in about an hour I went back and went in the pen with her with it. She doesn't mind at all from this side. In fact she liked it and I could get clear up behind her ears with it. The other side is not so acceptable but she stood there for as long as she could and then went away/
Oh but that felt so good. A ton of hair came off scratching her. When my arms got tired Bob took over and got her rope out of her mane. Tom tied it in her mane. I guess so it would not get hooked on anything in the trailer. Tom is the head guy at the corrals in Burns. I was please what we accomplished today. End of day 2.

We keep fish in the water trough for the horses and the cows. They get really big. I think there are five in each tank. Never feed them, the eat stuff in the tank.

I was picking up stuff in the back yard to put in the fire and found these lovely little "Spring Beauties" blooming under all the tumble weeds and stuff. They are just sweet.
So that has been my day. Katie was coming out but she got a job instead. Better for her. I think that may mess up our plans for the adoption up near Colville and some other things but hey, she needed the job bad. I knew there was one out there for her.
Hope your Saturday was wonderful.

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  1. What a beautiful girl you have. And it sounds like she's coming along very well!