Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Much Better Day

This morning just as I was waking up I hear a bird call. We had not seen any quail for quite a long time. I got up and looked out the window and there he sat. This picture and the next one were taken through the screen. I love their calls.
He sat there talking to another one somewhere for quite a while. I love the quail. We always had a lot of them around until we got cats in the barn.

I was holding on to the rope and Sage is stomping her foot. She does that when she doesn't like what I am doing. If I put a little more pressure on the rope she goes straight up.

Lindy and Rusty. I leave Lindy standing in the mud for about half an hour before I put her in the round pen. Just worked Rusty a little bit. Tried to walk her over a tarp. It didn't work. I tried backing her on it and she backed fine until her back feet hit the tarp and then she bolted. So we just walked back and forth beside it. Then I let her go.

I had a baseball cap on this morning and she did not like it at all. She didn't even like me close to her. This afternoon I didn't have it on and she was a sweetheart. She let me pet and scratch. I did have the rope in my right hand along with the stick.

This is about as low on her side as she wants me to go. Gets a little yantzy so at the moment, just getting used to my hand is most important.

I got up on her neck a little under her mane. She was so relaxed there and was not in her safe corner. This evening we worked on the rope a little and she is getting much much better and I scratched her back a little.
I was supposed to have a gal come by today to see her and how I work with her and she was going to hand walk Lindy for me but she called at the last minute and was not coming because she had a fierce headache. I have not seen her since she was in Middle School and now she has graduated from college. She is going to try Friday morning.
Our early summer weather went away during the night and it dropped about 20 degrees from yesterday. It was supposed to rain all day but it just misted a little. That was OK with me. I got to do a lot more with the horses.
Bob bought a couple of Galloway cows, one with a pure white calf and the other cow will calf before too long. They are cute little fuzzy cattle.



  1. Two steps forward and one step back. That seems to be the way it goes. I feel Sage is going to connect with you where Rusty never has done so. Maybe your helper can connect with her and move her forward, too. Poor Lindy. Is she doing any better or just maintaining?

  2. Aren't Galloway Cow's Oreo cows?

  3. Lindy has improved some but not a whole lot. Looking at her feet this may not be the first time.

    No Galloway cattle are fuzzy, similar to Scottish Hiland cattle but smaller nd no horns. Oreo cows are Dutch Banded cows as I recall.

  4. There are Belted Galloways, with a white band around the middle. I have wanted a solid black Galloway for 25 years, since I learned of them in an Animal Science class at SCC!! I'll have to come by and take a look.