Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, ....................................... My card reader died today. So until I can get another there aren't going to be any pictures. I am sorry but nothing I can do about it. Dang nab it anyway.

I worked with Rusty a long time today and she was really quite good. So when she was so good I took her and I sat on a pile of tires and let her eat nice fresh green grass. She seemed to like it a lot.

I went down to tend the baby chicks today and four of them were dead. That is why I hate tiny baby chicks. They die so easily. The other six seem fine. The new hens are hiding out in the hen house. Could not entice them out at all today. Bob better find a market for the eggs.

I was in town running errands today and I went to Will Rogers (if you're not from here he is a tack dealer in his mid 90's and has anything you want). I got a pair of bright blue spurs to ride Pepper with. Had to get stirrup straps too. I wanted pink or purple but he was sold out so got blue. A certain black horse better get used to them. they are bumper spurs, no rowels.

Have a good evening.

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