Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thinking Thursday

Since I can't get pictures off my camera until I go tomorrow and get a card reader, I went through my folders and selected 6 pictures from the "past."
This one is of our bathroom mirror. This is what I found on the mirror when I came home from the hospital after I had my little stroke a few years ago. It blessed me so much I have left it there. Tom did it.
This is Candy the cow and her tongue. She loves bread and would stand on her head for a slice of it. She is due to have her baby any day now. She had twins the last time. Hope not again. That was scary. They both grew up fine though and she raised three others besides.

Bob and our grandson Isaac puffing up marshmallows in the microwave. That is something they do whenever the kids are here. The little boys and their Grandpa have a good time seeing how large they can make them. I told them if they exploded them, they get to clean it up.

Our good friend Gene Bruce working on a project we were involved in on the Escure Ranch building some corrals and stuff. It is a great place to go and ride out from in the fall and spring. Pretty hot and a problem of rattle snakes in the summer. So, we don't ride there then.

Isaac and Grandpa with Pepper. He is a good little cowboy and not much afraid of anything. He has such a good time with the horses when they come and stick around for a while.

A fun place to go and watch. The Sandpoint Draft Horse and Mule show. These large draft mules were really quite awesome. We had such a good time that day. It was sunny and warm that day.
It was a pretty day here today. I worked with Rusty this afternoon but she didn't know we were working. I tied her up and brushed her mane and tail out and they are so pretty. I treated her leg. And she let me lift one of her hind legs and I held it a few seconds. I hugged around her neck from the off side and she turned her head around like she was hugging me. I got so excited but just stood there quietly. Then I lead her to the front yard and let her much on grass. Later, I took a couple of treats down and for the very first time, I said the very first time, she came up to me at the fence and let me give them to her. So, we are making progress. She is ready to put a saddle on but I can't lift any of them up without heaving them so it will have to wait until Bob is going to be home. In the meantime, just keep working at her trust.
I was sure Sage would be here this week but I am sure they are all involved in the Horse Affair in Albany this weekend so I know it won't be. I have bought and paid for her but its like I don't really have her. I can not wait to get started with her.

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  1. Sorry you don't have sage. Have you tried plugging your card reader in to more then one place. I've never had one break, especially not that new!You should have sever usb plug ins, try them all.