Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Isn't her tail beautiful? I got it all brushed out today. She really just stood there and let me until I moved to the off side and then she had a little snit. I just kept at it though and with the aid of Cowboy Magic I got it all brushed out pretty. She was a little nervous about me working back there but stood and let me.
Earlier though we had a little near catastrophe. She pulled away from me and ran right out the driveway and down the middle of the road. I was horrified. Our road is pretty busy sometimes especially that time of the day. Fortunately, a guy on a motorcycle came down the road and saw her and herded her right back to our driveway and I caught her. I don't know what possessed her but that's what she did. I led her back over to the trailer where I was trying to tie her up when something jumped up and was going to eat her (at least that is what she thought). She was good the rest of the day.
Bob is gone this evening to get some chickens. I didn't think we needed any more laying hens but I was glad to hear we got a dozen baby roosters for fryers.
Today I am thankful for the warm weather, the sunshine, and coat less days. I am not so naive as to think we are over cold weather but we are edging that way. I am thankful for the green grass that is sprouting and the little buds on the trees where leaves will be. I am thankful we can leave the front door open and a little of the storm door .
My word for the day is sunshine.


  1. What a beautiful tail! Glad the "escape" ended up well.

  2. That would have scared me to death Lea! So glad someone came by to help. blessings, marlene