Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is my sweet sister Sharon and her husband "Dr. Doolittle" aka Brownie. They flew out of Nashville this morning early to fly to Honolulu and to get on a cruise ship for a week long cruise of the Hawaiian Islands for their 50th. wedding anniversary. I don't regret having the big party we had but that sure sounds fun.
Today I am kind of just looking back thru some of our pictures. I was too tired last night and have someplace to be this evening so decided I would just do my pictures now. I had no new pictures to post and thought what the heck, I have hundreds to pick from so that is what I did. I may have posted some before, I can't remember and I don't want to look thru 2 years of blogs to check. So here goes.
This is my grand niece Caroline and her horse Cricket. Cricket is a Kiger mustang. We adopted her about 6 years ago I think. Caroline fell in love with her. Carrie lived in Massachusetts at that time. She came two summers to stay with us. The second summer we gave Cricket to her. She did her first ride here before Cricket left. She went to Massachusetts first and Caroline took lessons and had training for Cricket. Now they have moved to Mississippi and Cricket moved with them. Caroline is now 17 and has a year before she starts to college at Ole Miss. In this picture she is showing her in 4H at the state fair. She took a third. They were very proud of her. I am going to MS in May to visit. I hope to be able to ride Cricket at least once while I am there.

This is a group of our critters eating. Yuma now has a friend he rooms with and Sequoia, the third from the top has moved on too. He is a little girls pony.

Bob working with Rusty off Pepper.

Me riding Ditto. I think this is the last time she was ridden. She is my dear old friend and at 29 years old is still going strong. I could ride her but she is retired except for a lead around horse with small kids on her. I promised her she would not have to work any more. She took me to the top in both English and Western when I rode her and she did pull a cart but hated it. So we quit that.

This was a couple of years ago. Not enough snow this year to do anything like this. Rosie loves to pull anything. Bob is rebuilding my cart for her to pull something really pretty. The sleigh is pretty too and looks quite handsome behind her.

Ditto and Liberty last summer or the year before. Liberty was abandoned a few years ago next door. I think Katie will be riding her in the next few weeks. Tyler could have but he was chicken. She is a sweet natured horse.

This is Raven. Bob's favorite horse. She would let anyone ride her but she gets a little spooky sometimes. She was given to us because they said she bucked. Never has, goes sideways on occasion but nothing resembling a buck. She is loving and affectionate too.

This was up in the Clearwater Mt.s last summer. Pepper is always about this far behind. It was absolutely beautiful up there. Bob and Katie are up ahead.

Rosie's eye. Love eye pictures

And Amelia. A fat and fuzzy old mare.
So that is my thinking Thursday.


  1. Thank you for all the lovely photos!

  2. Lea I just love all your pictures. Your horses are absolutely wonderful and I know they give you great pleasure. blessings, marlene