Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Two things before I go any further. #1 When Rusty lays her ears back and looks like she is about to bolt, its not about me but Bob standing by the shed and putting the camera up to take the picture. For some reason that wigged her out. #2 Please don't bug me about my shoes. I know they were the wrong thing to have on my feet working with the horse. But they were comfortable and I didn't want to go back to the house to change. Lazy, probably but I did it anyway.
Rusty in the trailer. She did not go in as easy as yesterday and I did not fasten her in. Tomorrow I will do that again.

I layed further over her yesterday but just before this picture she had wigged out and I had to jump off the stool. Jump I said jump. I had not jumped that far in 10 years. I thought my legs were going to break but they didn't. She did not like Bob and the camera for some reason. I have been taking pictures of her for a long time. Something bugged her today though.
Starting my layover. Just before she made me jump out of her way. Don't guess I will do this without someone home again. She wasn't acting that way until Bob came with the camera. I don't know what was up with that.
This afternoon Bob did not have to work after all and we went for a ride. Katie came along. We went and looked over an arena and then back into the state land that we used to ride on all the time. I wanted to find the way to the bottom of the canyon but Bob and Katie wanted to go back so I did too. When I got back Bob caught Rusty and I ponied her around off Pepper. He is good at that. Just try and lock your feet girl, I will pull you along and he did. Need a shorter rope for Rusty though, if she had bolted I would have had trouble I think.
So through it all, today I am so thankful for the nice weather for the last couple of days. It was so good to get outside and do things without having to struggle with the coat and boots ect. I am thankful for the physical ability to do what we did today. I am thankful for good horses that pack us around. My word (s) today is Thank You.


  1. She sure seems to have the good day/bad day thing down pat. But she is moving forward all the time. I hope your great leap does not make you pay today!!

  2. Jimmy acts the same way with camera's! :)

  3. Good that you are so atlehtic ;)

  4. You can wear any shoes you want to. :)

    Sounds like you had a great day! I'm jealous you're within riding distance of state land.

  5. It sounds like Rusty is coming on just fine. You just need to throw that leg over Mom.