Friday, March 5, 2010


This is good ole Pepper waiting for me to put him out this morning. Even when he is naughty he is still our good ole boy.
Fancy and Fluffy sitting beside the generator in the the barn. They are so pretty but don't like to be touched..

Sages pen waiting for her. And, I am waiting for her too.
I worked with Rusty a couple of times today. She did good. Her leg was pretty icky this morning so I hosed it off and she let me. I did it again this afternoon and then put some stuff on it. She will just step up in the trailer now, no fight.
I have a lulu of a sore throat this evening. Bob has a miserable cold and this is how his started. I am not accepting that. I want the sore throat gone and then the other symptoms can just go away without inflicting me.
So those are my thoughts today. Sleep is what I am craving.

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