Friday, March 19, 2010


I got a new card reader so I can get the pictures off my camera. Hurrah.
Bob got home and I had Pepper all saddled for him to work with Rusty. I had done ground work with her earlier. She wasn't too excited about it but she will get used to it.

She did not like Bob being above her like that. So he will need to do this really often. Or, I will. I want to tell him how to do it but he won't like that. We do things quite differently and Rusty is used to me. At first she did not like me but now she is used to how I do things and its Bob she is leary of.
These are my spurs. Bob is hooking them up to the leathers as I write this. I hope they are enough for him to know I mean business. I don't want to carry a switch but that is the next step. He absolutely has decided he does not have to mind me. I rode today and it was enjoyable
as long as he was behaving. I tried riding bareback but he knew I could not make him mind so I came back and put my saddle on. I like to ride bareback some of the time. Not today though.
I told him he was still a butt head. I need to really clean up my saddle. I did not know it was still so muddy.
Gonzaga won their basket ball game tonight. Guess they play Syracuse tomorrow. GO ZAGS.

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