Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thinking Thursday

A snowy day, a rainy day, a cold day, a windy day, Take your pick of one or all of the above. Rusty got out of any training today and I go a lot done inside the house. That needed to be done too. Bob has to work Saturday so we are not taking stuff to the Tack Swap because he would not be home in time to go collect the money. Oh well, we will have a yard sale and sell it then.
I was going to post some old pictures on my thinking day but forgot about it until just a bit ago so will have to start that another Thursday. Instead of that, I am going to post a poem at the end of the blog that I found in my book - Quotable Horse Lover.
I leave in the morning for Puyallup. I am going to go to a clinic that is required by Washington State Horsemen, Licensed Official committee. I am a licensed Show Steward. It is all day Saturday. I am staying Friday night and Saturday night with a longtime friend. I will visit Bobs brother and wife for a while Friday afternoon and Sunday morning I hope to meet my cousins for breakfast someplace. I will call Donna tomorrow.
I may or may not be posting anything until Sunday when I get home. Hope your weekend is wonderful.
I on my horse, and Love on me, doth try
Our horsemanships, while by strange work I prove
A horseman to my horse, a horse to Love,
And now man's wrongs in me, poor beats!decry. The reins wherewith my rider doth me tie
Are humbled thoughts, which bit of reverence move
Curb'd-in with fear, but with gilt bosse above
Of hope, which makes it seem fair to the eye:
The wand is will;thou,Fancy saddle art,
Girt fast by Memory; and while I spur
My horse, he spurs with sharp desire my heart.
He sits me fast however I do stir,
And now hath made me to his hand so right,
That in the manage myself take delight.
Sir Philip Sidney, "Astrophel and Stella," Sonnet IL