Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday and I am home

I had a great visit this past weekend, no only with Janet that I stayed with but didn't take a picture and my cousins who I had that seen for over 30 some years. Donna lives in Eatonville and Cindy lives in Auburn. We had breakfast at Applebees just S of Puyallup and had a great visit. It was sooooo good to see them. Don't know why we had lost track of each other. We have the advent of Facebook to thank for getting back together. They have one sister and 2 brothers that its been forever since I have seen too.
Our bench outside Applebees. An unsuspecting guy walking by got conned into taking our picture. Thank you young man, whoever you are.

He took two pictures. Appreciated it a lot. You never know when you are going out to eat who is going to accost you.

My mountain fix. I grew up looking at that view. And I still love it.

Primroses in the flower bed outside Applebee's. They are such a pretty gold.
The clinic I attended was OK. I thought it was too long and she may be a wonderful judge of big shows but she is a name dropper and the names of the world shows she has judged. That did not really impress me a whole lot. It was way more applicable if you are a judge but I am a steward and she does not work with stewards so much of it was a little on the boring side. I only have to do it every 3 years though so it was tolerable. I was blessed to have somewhere to stay because some had to stay 2 nights in a motel for a one day clinic.
Janet and I had a really good visit. She cooked some great food. And we ate it.
I felt really bad that Nikki and Carmen were over this weekend and I only got to see them about half an hour before I left on Friday. They did not come out today, they took Carmen's mother back to Colfax. She has been visiting up here I think. Then then went home from there. Even though Carmen still does not have a job some things are looking up for them. They have been this way for long enough there are some programs they can get I guess. I hope so. They came to see Nathaniel. He is almost 3 months old and Carmen had not seen him yet. I am glad
they got to come.
My sister and brother in law got back last night I think from their Paradise adventure. I can't wait to hear all about it. I do hope their weather is nice so its not too much of a culture shock for them.
I had an uneventful drive home and that is always a good thing.

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  1. Lea,
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I am so happy you made contact with your cousins and plan to stay in touch. It just seems a shame to have blood relatives we don't stay in contact with and hopefully you three will change that. I know I feel blessed to have found you and Sharon so many years ago and that we have stayed in touch. I love you and am so happy you had a good time!