Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Its Wednesday

Rusty in the trailer with the divider closed after another battle. She is so strong willed. She is not afraid. If she were I would not keep pressing but she is just stubborn and wants to win. She leads OK as long as she agrees where we are going. Otherwise it is brakes on and feet planted hard. The only answer I have come up with is to turn her and back her up to where I want to go. It is a getting to be a pain. I am beginning to wonder what I need to do different with her. Some things just don't change. I will be gone this weekend and I told Bob he had to work with her and see what he can do with her.

This is Big Red. He will go home this weekend. A farrier is coming to work on his feet Saturday morning. They are really awful. Hes very friendly.

Other than work with Rusty it was a so so day. Bought groceries, put them all away and worked on some craft stuff. I need to clear off the dining room table before I leave on Friday. I have several projects going. One thing I did today was put a cover on an ugly old notebook that my Washington State Horsemen rule book would fit in. I could have sewn it but did it with fabric modgepodge and ribbon. No one will have another like it. I was going to buy one but Walmart didn't have any the right size and I discovered this one amidst the mess in the back room
but it needed something on the cover besides advertising so now it does.
Had a frustrating evening. Now I like company but not tonight. I made a good dinner which is not always the case. We fix what we want, it works for us but tonight I fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed broccoli. Well the neighbors showed up just as we were getting ready to eat. Didn't have enough for more people so we just ignored it. They stayed quite a while and the broccoli was mushy and everything else was cold. Grrrrrrr. Oh well, they are nice folks and had no idea.
Life goes on and I am tired. See you tomorrow.


  1. I love when friends drop by but it's always awkward when it's dinner time and you've only cooked for two. I made a new weight watchers chicken and broccoli stir fry this week that was good - normally I only like broccoli with cheese sauce (and lots of cheese sauce too)! blessings, marlene

  2. Its not impolite to just tell them you JUST got dinner on the table...and to drop by later or say a specific time....most people would understand. And those that don't, don't matter anyway.