Monday, March 1, 2010

A Buuuuuuuutiful Monday

No picture today. I had an awesome day today with Rusty but could not figure out how to take a picture when I was doing the hands on. Bob will be home tomorrow Until noon so maybe then either he or I will take pictures.

Rusty today was awesome. I almost could walk up to her in the pasture instead of her running to her little pen and then letting me walk right up to her. I know that sounds silly but that is what she does. I could rub her neck in the pasture and then she just could not let me touch the halter so into her pen we went. She can go in and out so its not like she is penned up. I already had Pepper tied to the hitch rail because I was going to ride, but didn't get to. So I put Rusty at the hitch rail. She didn't want to walk up to it but she did. I curried and brushed her and brushed through her mane. I needed to put more stuff on her leg and had been pondering how I was going to do that. Well, she just stood there and let me put the salve on it. I was so proud of her.

She was so calm I decided to cut her bridle path with scissors. She let me stand up on the step stool beside her and nip nip nip away. So then I decided she was so calm I moved the step stool closer to the center of her and layed across her. Probably not the best here by myself but she just stood there and let me. On her off side she was not as relaxed but let me. I was so excited about it. Then we went for a walk, down the road about 3/4 of a mile. She just walked along as good as good could be. Then home again. I walked over to the trailer opened the door and she stepped right in with me. Yeah Rusty. I petted her, hugged her told her what a good girl she was and I turned her back into the pasture.

That was my day. My back tweaked a little doing nothing late this morning so I did not ride. I could not have lifted up my saddle. Maybe tomorrow. Pepper needs some fat worn off.

Had a call from the BLM today and I got so excited but Lo it was asking me to go do a compliance check on a horse. Oh well. Soon, that is my word of the day today. SOON

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  1. It was such a nice day yesterday! I can't believe it went so well with Rusty. Congratulations.