Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

The awful dark sky that we had today. A little sun but not even a little warm. I think our high was 38.
Spring is just a little over a week away. Is this not a sign of spring? There were dozens of them in the yard today. I told they they were going to freeze their little feet off. They didn't seem to listen.

I am much better today. The bruises keep appearing but are not hurting so much. Nothing broken and that was a big deal. We have the helicopter rescue insurance and one of the thoughts that went through my head was OMG I am going to have to ride in a helicopter and that scared me spitless. I was so glad I just rode the rest of the ride on a muddy horse.

I worked with Rusty this afternoon. She was a stinker again. She did let me work with her leg and spray the Shreiners on it. It is healing up beautiful. She did not want to do much of anything else though except follow me around. She leads well if she feels like it or otherwise she backs where I want her to go. She would not go into the trailer. It is in a different place. I worked about 3/4 of an hour before she went in. In and out, in and out and finally in to stand. She is a handful.

I thought sure I would hear about Sage yesterday or today. Maybe tomorrow. I want her here so bad.

I am thankful today for being unhurt in an accident that could have broken several bones. Although it was icky to be in, I am thankful for the mud that cushioned my crash. My friend Ramona said Pepper must have had a moment of Spring Madness. I agree. He really is a good horse.


  1. Glad you're healing up. We have dark skies as well and aren't supposed to see the sun until Monday.

  2. Wow - glad you are OK from the fall, Lea!

    More snow at our house overnight, but I saw a robin yesterday. Crazy little guy is probably thinking he should have stayed at a lower altitude for at least a few more weeks!

    Stay warm & take good care,

  3. Good to hear you are healing.

    We won't be getting our ponies here until after Expo (whew!), but Patti said yesterday that there is a load coming to WA before that...so crossing fingers for you and Sage!

  4. I think Rusty and Beautiful are from the same line. ;)

    I'm looking forward to your call from the BLM, too. Are we still going to have that party at your house?