Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunshine and Saturday

These boys played off and on all afternoon. It was fun to watch them. I had trouble getting a picture because the lens kept focusing on the trees or the fence. Finally got an angle that worked. They are really good friends.
Wanna dance?

Oh, shes over there taking pictures. We had better behave.

Liberty laying in the sun this morning.

Oliver hanging out where the sun shone best for him. I took a picture of his broke off horn but it didn't work. It looks good now. He is shedding. See all the bunches of white hair. He rubs it off with his remaining horn.

Wrangler enjoying the sun this morning too. I put Pepper into the pen with him and the silly guy went over and made Wrangler get up. Naughty boy.
It was a great day, not only did we get along of stuff outside cleaned up and burned but we got some chores done that needed doing. Katie and Cameron came out and rode. She groomed a couple of the horses for me. Hair flying all over. She will come Monday and do stalls.
I worked on Rusty for about two hours today and she was awesome. I took my little stool and put it down beside her and she let me get up on it and lay over her. She was not tied anywhere, just had the lead rope in my hand. Put her in and out of the trailer a couple of times. Bob went and got some Shreiners for her leg. That is good stuff. Kind of spendy but it works good. She is beginning to get some proud flesh growing and that will not only heal her leg but stop that from growing. I led her all over, around things, over things and after we sprayed her leg we put her back in the trailer and put the divider in place. I tied her outside like I would any horse and then we cleaned out the tack room and did stuff around the trailer. She just stood there. After about half an hour I turned her out. It was a successful day with her. Soon, very soon we will put a saddle on her. I hope she does not remember bucking off one last year.
It was almost 60 today, same is predicted for tomorrow. Then snow by midweek. Freaky? Yes of course. But it is March in the northwest.


  1. It was a beautiful day--looking forward to today--sun is already shining!!

    Great pictures!!

  2. What wonderful pictures Lea! blessings, marlene