Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

One of my favorite gifts.. My polka dot boots. Nikki got me a pair of rainbow colored ones for mothers day a few years ago and I literally wore them out. I was so excited about them Love my boots.
I used this with my new long lens. I love how it turned out. I finally figured out where the automatic focus was. It was in plain sight. Bob asked me what that meant AF and MF. Duh. So now it works. Yeah Bob.

Spider Man Isaac. I loved his big blue eyes looking out.

Another picture with my new lens going over Snoqualmie Pass. The sun was shining so bright on the snow. It was beautiful.

There is a cliff that I have been trying to get a decent picture of. It freezes like this ever year. I used my little camera. It looks like it is black and white but its just the way it was.

This too. This is just about crossing the Columbia River. Loved the sun peering through.

Our moon tonight. Its not full yet but not a cloud and it was just sitting up there saying take my picture, so I did.
And My Thankful Tuesday is for a year nearly gone by that had some down places and some sad times but we are all (our family) well and loving each other. My sister has new meds that help, her family is doing well, our kids are all well. Some still looking for work but the Lord is looking out for them. Our grandkids are doing well and we are expecting a little great grandson any day now. Life speeds by at times but that's our age isn't it? Its a year we have had to say a final goodbye to friends. That is the sad but I am thankful for this year, and thankful that its about over.


  1. Lea, your pictures with the new lens are awesome!!! Love, love, love your polka dot boots :) I've never seen anything like them. Great shopping Nikki!

  2. Great boots. Lea, your pictures are beautiful!!!

  3. I have a wall crawler at home too! And the next full moon we'll have it Thursday...it's actually a blue moon...the last full moon we had was Dec. 2 and we have another one this month...the last time we had a full moon on New Years Eve was in 1990...

  4. Amazing pictures!!!!! They look professional. What kind of lens is it? I want one.