Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Another of my favorist gifts. The sweatshirt was from my sister. She always thinks of the most clever things. Way more than me. Bethel High School is where we went to high school and I graduated in 1956. That really tells my age huh? I graduated from the first class that went for all four years in the brand new school. It was a State B school at that time and now it is a 4A school. I missed my 50th reunion. I was really disappointed.

This great mustang mug and the kitchen towel came all the way from Michigan from my sweet friend Sue. The towel cracked me up. I love them.
We had some snow today. Not even an inch but more is coming tonight and tomorrow it is supposed to turn into rain/frozen rain. That sounds icky. I am glad that we are not planning anything for tomorrow night. We will probably go to bed early. Bob has a dental appointment because he has a fierce toothache. I would imagine they will pull it. So we will probably be housebound for the evening. Would be anyway though.
Hope your last day of 2009 is reflective.

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  1. The saying on the towel couldn't be more true. Pretty cute.