Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday and we are home

I still don't have the pictures ready to post. We got home this afternoon late. Our daughter Christyn stayed and took care of Maggie. My house was spotlessly clean and fresh baked cookies on the counter. Now thats the way to come home. Bless her heart. She didn't stay here actually, she took Maggie to town with her and spent days here. I am so blessed by her.

We had a wonderful time with Nikki and her family. We didn't go anywhere or do anything. Sat around and ate and ate and ate. She is a marvelous cook. She baked 8 pies and most of them are gone. She baked a HUGE ham and a small turkey for me. I am not overly fond of ham and she knows that. I love turkey sandwiches. Not deli turkey but real turkey left over sandwiches. Plus she had tons of home made fudge and cookies. Nothing like a child decorated sugar cookie to give your heart a lift. Her raspberry, blueberry and apple pies were from home grown fruit and I think a good part of the fruit salad was home grown too. She makes crust from scratch too.

Its a good thing to get away from all of it though or my clothes won't fit. As I have shrunk to a size 12 from an 18 in the past couple of years, I don'[t want to go back BUT I love to eat. I will go walk tomorrow and get back into a routine.At least that is the plan.

The horses were all in good shape. Shannon, our neighbor, did the outside chores and we really appreciated her. Usually we get Katie to come stay but that wouldn't work this time. I will go give them hugs tomorrow.


  1. i miss them SO MUCH!!! but soon! very very soon!!!

  2. I bet Nikki made that blue berry pie for me :)