Monday, December 14, 2009


It is snowing here. Our first other than a little that one day. It had avoided us to this point. I will take some pictures tomorrow. I moved Rusty in with Cody today and put the donkeys in Rusty's pen so they would have cover in case it did what its doing.

When I put the horses out this morning, Ditto who is usually mild mannered and is obedient, wasn't this morning. She pulled away from me - I only had a hay string around her neck - and went thru the gate to the pasture she had been in all summer and fall until we moved them into the winter paddock. I just let her go. She was at the gate this afternoon. I closed and locked it so she won't be able to do that again. And, the first one through the gate to come in from the paddock tonight was Amelia. She said, with her eyes of course, I am sorry I was naughty. I don't like it out there at night. So she is safely tucked into her stall tonight. So is Pepper and Ditto of course. The others don't mind being outside.

I finished several of the gifts I was working on and have things ready to take to the mail to send to Tennessee and Mississippi tomorrow. I had a hard time finding a talking book for Jimmy that had a story for his age. I found one at Borders. Hope its OK. I could have ordered one on line but fooled around too long. I know they have blind children's books.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.