Sunday, December 13, 2009


My Christmas cactus is outdoing itself again this year. It is still loaded with buds. I love it. I rarely do anything with it, just water it occasionally.

The advent wreath burning today, this third Sunday in Advent. Bob went turkey hunting today and I went to church. It was the day of the children's program. I absolutely love the little ones. Usually a little girl in the front row pulls her dress up over her face, today no one did that but one took off her halo, took off her little white cape and stretched out on the floor on her tummy. It was a riot. The whole group rocked out on Go Tell It On the Mountain. From the 6th. graders to the teeny two year olds. They got a standing ovation. It was wonderful.
Didn't do much outside, my back still was not completely over its little fit throwing. The muscle relaxers from when I had my accident in April worked wonders though. I did put the barn horses out. Amelia refused to come in this evening so she is out for the night. She would not come and she would not be caught. Bob ran out of patience. We are supposed to get snow tonight too. Well we were last night too - up to 6" and it never came. I am not complaining mind you just filling you in. It is supposed to be raining by Wednesday and I might complain about that.
If any of you read Mustang Saga written by my friend Andrea you know her sister Amy had surgery because of breast cancer. I was so happy to read that Amy was home in a couple of days and did well. They think they got all the cancer too. Yeah Amy, Andrea and your family. Its been a tough few months.
I found a blog site - Heart of a Cowgirl. She has a bracelet that I want bad. I may have to buy myself another Christmas present (my red shoes were the first).
Have a good Monday.


  1. Hi Lea: I sent you an e-mail about the bracelet, just a heads up in case it goes into your junk mail.
    Had a good laugh about the little girl who took off her halo and laid down on her cape. Good stuff!

  2. The Visual of the little girl is in my head!!!!!

  3. Your Christmas cactus is so pretty. I had one for five years and it bloomed one bloom one time in all those years! Guess I should have sent it up to you:)

    The Christmas program sounds like it was lots of fun.

  4. Thanks for posting the link to Heart of a Cowgirl - looks like a great place to visit!

    And thanks again for all your prayers for my sister. She's still doing great, but of course there is some pain.

  5. Ok I have 2 cacti and they bloomed once..2 years ago..nothing since! Yours is beautiful!