Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

When I went out this afternoon to take some snow pictures I could not make my camera work. The settings got changed somehow. So i went ahead and put the barn horses in and felt so sad because Amelia's long mane was filled with ice and just the kind of picture I wanted. Oh well, it all melted off in the barn just a little while. I came in and messed with my camera for a while and got it back to working but by that time all I got was the tree from the front porch. There will be time for more later I am sure.

Today I am thankful for a husband that still calls me baby and does not expect me to do the chores in this kind of weather. I did it all but forking hay into the pasture horses feeder. My back won't do that too good. He does not get too frustrated when I forget things. Just rolls his eyes but if you ask him he doesn't roll his eyes. I just am so thankful for him. We got a Christmas card from friends in Katy, Texas. Bill had a series of strokes and now has Alzheimer's. They have been married about as long as we have. We are so blessed.

Someone drove down our road today, slid on the ice probably going to fast and knocked over our mail box. They didn't even come to the house and tell us. I found the mail box across the ditch in the snow. Our mail was in the leaning over paper holder. Well the paper thingy wasn't leaning over, the post was. Bob fixed it when he got home.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. I'm sure you are right thee will be more snow to take pictures of! :)

  2. Lea I can't even imagine living with snow like that or with cold temperatures all the time! I'm so cold natured I'm sure I'd have frozen toes even in the house! blessings, marlene