Friday, December 18, 2009


This is what happens when you have 4" of snow and it melts off in a day when it turns 45 degrees. This is a corner of my arena. Won't be riding in there any time soon. I was practicing with my new long lens. I need more practice but this was viewable anyway. That is Henry in the background. He was born last March.

Speaking of new lenses, Bob had promised me one for Christmas and I went downtown to Huppins to pick it out. It isn't really really long, but way more than I had. I was standing by our porch where I took the tree in the snow picture. There will probably be some funny pictures here while I am learning. I think I messed up the automatic focus. At least I hope that works. I don't focus so good.

I am watching the RFD channel on TV and they are driving draft horses. It is fun to watch. I love to drive a horse and buggy but those big guys might be a handful. I have never driven a team either. Just a single. I would love an opportunity to try it though.

Finished my shopping today, baked 6 loaves of applesauce spice cake and got them frosted. Some things wrapped and a soaky hot bath. So now its time for crawl in bed with my book and settle down for the night. Have a date for breakfast with friends in the morning so will have to get up and get at the day. Have a Sunny Saturday.


  1. Don't you hate the snow melt? Makes such a mess. I haven't seen my horse since last weekend when we had our big freeze, so now I'm curious to see the slop it left behind. I'm sure his clean blanket is a muddy mess, too. Sounds like you had a productive Friday night. I did some Xmas shopping then watch a DVD.
    I really want a new lens. I want one for indoor use, that lets in a lot of light. I thought I saw the one I want at the electronics store last night. But when I asked the salesman, it was nearly $2700! I laughed and said nope, that's not the one! The one I want is like $200.

  2. You're way beyond me with cameras Lea - I just point and click. blessings, marlene