Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Nice Saturday

My sweet friend Kim and her husband came through this morning on their way to Seattle for Christmas. We sat and talked a long time. Paul and she took us to breakfast at a restaurant in Airway Heights called The Rusty Moose. They have lots of cute things around their restaurant both outside and inside.
Kim and the bear, It was so good to see her so soon again.

The old Rusty Moose. He is about half the size of a real moose. Maybe not even half the size.

Kind of cute laying there in the snow. If it had not been raining I would have sat on him and had my picture taken.

Father Christmas by the fireplace all dressed in fur. I would have loved to have had his boots. They look so warm and snugly.

The inside moose. They also have a large life size head on the wall above the door that talks to you when you come in. He tells you welcome.

Just more decorations. It is a good place to eat. Not the cheapest but really good food and you get huge portions. They could charge less and smaller portions and most people would be happy. Bob just got biscuits and gravy because he knew I could not eat all my Denver Omelet and hash browns and biscuit. So I ate half the hash browns, 1/3 of the omelet and the biscuit and Bob ate the rest of it for me. Paul ate the last half of Kim's too.
Tonight I helped Bob with the chores. It is so funny. I have no problem putting the horses in the barn in the evenings. Bob on the other hand can not get Amelia to go in. She just snubs her nose at him and won't come out, nor will she get caught. I just open the gate and call her and out she comes. He just grumbles at her when she does that. We have got to do stalls tomorrow. Its not so bad when its frozen and they don't get done but when its warm like it is now, they get gross. I guess Amelia likes me best. Hahahahahahahaha.
Another day of rain and now fog. You can not even see the road in front of our house. Hope it leaves by morning. I hate driving in the fog.I won't be driving but Bob hates it worse than I.

My Merry Christmas today to you all. I love this Santa. He used to be motion censored and say MERRY CHRISTMAS very loud. I have never replaced the battery. It used to make Bob jump and I would laugh. Ugly aren't I? LOL


  1. OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE replace the battery, it would make up for the fish that is now banished to my barn!

  2. I love the Rusty Moose--I don't get to go there enough for breakfast. I'm thinking I may go this week after seeing this pictures. Merry Christmas, Lea!