Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Every night when we go to bed, this is what we find. Some times more. Skeeter puts his toys up there so the other dog nor the cat will bother his stuff. Now Maggie would not play with a toy at all. She is an old dignified lady. And Trouble, well he doesn't do toys either. He is an old pest. But Skeeter just wants to make sure I guess. We put them off the bed and the next morning when I make the bed, it starts all over again. He lays on out bed and looks out the window so I guess he wants his things close at hand. On Thanksgiving our DIL's tiny poodle Star was playing with one of his toys and when she dropped it for a minute he grabbed it and took it and put it up on our bed. She only weighs 3 pounds, teeny and can not jump that high. I told him he was selfish and gave it back to Star but he took it away and put it on our bed again. He gives us a lot of laughs.

In our barn sits a little red wagon. It is a Radio Flyer 90. It has an orange and a blue hay string tied to the handle. I don't remember where we got it but I remember all of our grandchildren and great grandchildren playing with it. The have pulled each other around the place. They have "helped" feed horses and cos and fill the wagon with hay and followed us to each horse. They have hitched it behind a bicycle and pulled each other around. It have seen it hooked directly behind a four wheeler tearing around. One it was hooked behind the riding lawn mower. One time it was tied to the four wheeler wagon and the four wheeler. It was full of laughing children. I have seen our adult grandchildren pulling their toddlers behind them.
It is getting battered and worn but every time I look at it, I think of all the memories.......In our barn sits a little red wagon ------------------

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  1. I Love your little Red Wagon!

    And one day recently when Tina and boys were here, we mentioned you in the conversation and Riley piped up "Oh I know who she is she has Skeeter!"