Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am getting closer. I got one of my camera cards of pictures on the computer. However, I can't get them into the correct folders or anywhere else except where they are. I am going to get a card reader tomorrow when I go into town. Sharon told me to get one and our friend Bernie did too so that is on my agenda tomorrow.

This evening we went to a potluck party to say goodby to Bernie and Sherri Lionberger. They are moving from Couer d'Alene to Helena, Montana. I absolutely hate saying goodby to friends. I know this is their dream but I wanted them to stay in the vicinity. They have been good friends and good riding partners too. They have encouraged me to go places I would not have gone and let me know they were glad I tried. It seems so many of our friends have left the country or died. I guess that happens when you hit the 70's. Can't say I like it much though. Life will continue though.

When we pulled into the driveway this evening about 9 , we got greeted by Yuma's song. It is quite funny. It like he is saying welcome home folks, I am still here.I am not sure he has forgiven me for body clipping him and taking him to a horse show. LOL. He did good tool.

Remember: The language of friendship is not words, but meanings. Henry David Thoreau

Have a great Thursday.

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  1. It is hard to say good-bye to friends and loved ones. At least you can still keep in touch with the friends even if you can't see them everyday. The really bad part is when they die. We were never meant to have to accept death as part of living. It wasn't part of the original plan and really does hurt. I think it truly sucks and look forward to seeing my loved ones someday again (hopefully) in heaven. That will be one heck of a reunion!!
    Before you download your pictures from your camera into your computer, open up your file where you want your pictures to go...for example "my pictures" - once you are in the folder, click on "create a folder" and give it a name or use the date for a name. Then exit from that and insert your memory card into your computer. It should ask you where you want your pics to go. Always click "browse" and find the new folder that you just created. Click on that and that is where your pics will be put. It is easy, but if you forget that first step of creating a new folder each time, the computer will put them in the same place everytime. Good luck!!
    Oh, in answer to your question, I live in the Willamette Valley of NW Oregon. We're about an hour SW of Portland. Where are you?