Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16

No pictures today but I PROMISE tomorrow. I have not got them all in order yet. I got it figured out with the help of my patient sister Sharon. She walked me thru step by step by step. I can do it now. Thank you so much sweet one.

I went to the pet store today and tried to get Skeeter something that will keep him from pulling so hard on the leash. I got talked into an expensive harness that did not work. I am taking it back tomorrow. I know what I need but they did not have one small enough for a toy poodle. I will go to another store tomorrow. I also went to Walmart and got a card reader and it worked. Also got several things I needed like deoderant ect. It all seems to run out out at once. Tomorrow I will have an eye exam. I may have to go back to some glasses. I hope not but readers from WM seems to not be working right.

Bob is still unloading hay. He got 10 tons on Wednesday. He got the first load unloaded but he is working today and tomorrow and he is too tired to do much at a time. That will be our hay for the winter. I think we have about 18 tons. Some in round bales which I hate, some large square bales and some regular bales.

We got a trampoline for the kids. Bob will bring it home tomorrow evening. Hope none of them hurt themselves on it.

Remember: We are made to persist. That is how we find out who we are. Tobias Wolff.


  1. tell the kids parents you are not responsible for broken bones!

  2. Lea, sounds like you're having a busy summer! The same down here in the valley. Lots of heat, too, but loving it. Blessings, Barbara