Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for my new computer. I can get things I have never been able to do, still with our antiquated dial up. I would certainly do something different if I could. Just can't afford it. BUT, I am thankful for my beautiful new computer with everything on it except the ability to get pictures. I had a 15" monitor, big and clumsy and this monitor is a 20" slim line. Love it. I don't have to put my nose practically on the screen to see it. So you see, I am very thankful for this lovely new computer that does things I did not think possible.

Sharon, I have a card reader on the tower. And I have the device you mentioned. Just will need to find it. I put it away carefully but where that is, I can't remember. You need to get well so you can come help me.

I saw nearly a miracle today with Rusty. Our grandson Lane is with us for a few weeks and he was standing by her fence. She came right up to him and put her nose on him hand. I thought he would come unglued because he does not seem to be a horse lover but I told him to stand still. He reached up his other hand and rubbed her forehead. I could not believe it. That is the very first time she has ever let anyone that isn't Bob touch her willingly. And without a halter or rope on her. Lane is quite proud of himself.

Remember: When friends ask, there is no tomorrow. An Old Proverb

Be a friend to someone today or any day. I could not live without them


  1. It seems Rusty likes men better than women. Usually it's the other way around with horses.

  2. If you have a card reader. Just stick the card in???????? I'm now confused as what the problem is.

    Lane is an animal whisperer!