Friday, July 24, 2009

A Fun Friday

Nikki and I had a blast today. I was mostly along for the ride but we had a great time. No one got up very early because we stayed up late. Not my usual forte but it was OK.

She and left about noon and went up to Bellingham. I tried to call you Tracey, left you a message. We went to a burger place on Holly and another street. It was really good but large. We walked around a bit and then went to Sabbath Tatoos. Nikki got a tatoo on her back shoulder. I know it hurt but she did it fine.

Phillip who owns the place and did her tatoo is the son of a niece. He is a sweet young man. Well, she isn't really a niece but she has called me Aunty Lea all her life and I think of her as a niece. Phil's baby girl Leona, well his and Megans, has her first birthday tomorrow. Such a fun time in their lives. It was so good to see him.

I fiddled around and forgot to call Bob and now he is down on the St. Joe camping. And I forgot to call my sister today. She is in the hospital in Tullahoma, TN. She is not ill, well she would not be there is there was not a problem. She is getting IV therapy for a powerful bacterial infection that she has had for too long a time. I will call her tomorrow for sure.

Have a good Saturday.

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