Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just a quicky note this evening. I made it to Marysville just fine. I went and had my hair trimmed up first thing this AM and then Lane and I headed out. We came Hiway 2. Closer but not as fast. Stopped and took some pictures along the way. We had a lesiarly lunch in Wenatchee. Stopped for ice cream in Leavenworth, hiked to the bottom of Decemption Falls. And got here just in time for a great dinner of enchiladas that Nikki had ready

Tomorrow Nikki and I are going to Bellingham for her to get a new tatoo. I wish I had the money to get mine jazzed up a little. It fades out in the summer for some reasons. Not clear away but fades. It is a horse on my wrist.

I have pictures but they are on my camera. Don't have a remember tonight. Just have a good thought for each of you.

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