Sunday, March 15, 2009

A very windy day

Boy howdy did the wind blow. Thought the roof was going but of course it didn't. Not even close, just scared me. Bob worked in the barn with Tom and Joel all afternoon and it sounded like a wind tunnel. They got most of the loft up. Thought the bathroom was a this winter project but no such luck.

We had a little excitement this morning. I was cuddled down in bed. I knew we were not going to go to church because of Bob's cold and I had visions of sleeping in until I felt like getting up. Well when I heard Bob walking into the kitchen and into our room I knew something was wrong. You know that certain walk. Well Rusty was out in the pasture with the other horses and they were running and had run thru 2 electric fences. He thought they might be headed back to Oregon or something. Linda and I had this discussion when we met last week about not letting the horses out together too soon. Today was too soon for Rusty. Bob tends to panic and I usually am the calm one. He fed the horses that were supposed to be out there and of course they came right up and would not let Rusty close. Good kids. I took Rusty's hay and walked out towards her. She left but not too far. When she started my way I backed up a little and then she went back out. You could just see her thinking Free or Food, Free or Food. when she got a little closer I went thru her gate and put her hay in her feeder and we just backed off. Food won of course and she went in. Bob bolted over the fence and closed her gate and all was well.

The other horses knew better than to go thru the fences. We got them all back up and everyone was calm the rest of the day. I wondered what she would do if she got out. Now I know. Somehow she got a panel loose and pushed it open. They are all safely back together now. We learned a long time ago that calm works best. Bob just has to be reminded sometimes. You can't herd them very well like you can cows.

Bob just got an order for a hitching rail. He makes really good ones. They are metal. I saw some folks at the tack swap that we had not seen for a while and they ordered one. They said they are going to get their mustangs ready for Mustang Days. They don't want to be a part of our club and had not heard from them in a long time. Was glad I ran into them.

Other than that, it was a lazy day. I got a wonderful picture of a full rainbow. I have not put it on the computer yet. Will try to get it uploaded here tomorrow. Rainbows remind me of all the promises of God. Have a good Monday.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Nightmare. So glad it happened in the AM and not at night!!! Yes, we just talked about that!!

    I didn't see you at the sale. I got there around 12 when all the good deals were gone. I found a new breast collar--some screw in ring-ties (like I was telling you I needed for the posts) and a curcingle.

    I'll have to take a look at your hitching post--we could use one around here, too.

  2. Ugly horses! It was very windy here too today. Lots of branches down.

  3. I got up this morning to see the Rainbow Picture!

    This is set some how and won't take my password. Get on this NIKKI! she knows my password :)

    The horseless sister ~

  4. Never a dull moment at the William's Ranch! Come on spring!!!