Monday, March 16, 2009


The picture is the rainbow yesterday. As much as I am tired of snow, it covered up a multitude of junk. We will get it all cleaned up sometime or the other. Today we had what they call gropple. It looked like hail to me but it was soft.

Not much horsey stuff today. I went and got my hair trimmed and tried to get my stuff together to leave on Thursday. I thought my perm was giving up but with it trimmed up, presto, its back. My young Kim does such a nice job keeping me looking nice.

Hip hip hooray - our Kiyanna went home from the hospital today. Finally. she did just fine off of oxygen for 24 hrs. They are not to take her out in public places for a month. She will be a month old on Friday. Bless her little bitty heart and her mama and daddy.

Bob feels awful today. He did go to work though and had to drive to Naches and back. He is already in bed. Like most men he would not take off work and go to the doctor. Grrrrrrr. He is sleeping in the guest room so as not to expose me any more than necessary.

Have a good Tuesday.


  1. A very pretty rainbow! I do see a tad bit of mud though. hmmmmmm
    Yeah for the baby going home. Stay away germy people!

  2. Lea, we've been hearing about your bad weather today. Will it ever end?

    Sorry to hear Bob is sick, but so glad your little one is getting better.

  3. Is Gropple a technical word? I like the word though...Hope you don't get the cooties!! I starting blogging too...decided to join in on the should come check it out

  4. I'm so glad Kiyanna is okay! Wow, that must have been horrible for her parents. It must be wonderful to be back home with her.

    I've never heard of gropple. We got some of what I call "corn snow." It's like really small hail. I don't know why, but we grew up calling it corn snow.

    I'm starting to get ready for Thursday too. I can't wait!

    I hope Bob gets better soon. There is some nasty crud going around.

  5. Andrea, We called it corn snow too. I just like the word the weather forecastors called it.See you in Albany.
    Kiyanna is doing well, she is eating good and Tabby and Robby are elated. Thank you everyone for your prayers
    Yes, Nikki, there is mud.