Saturday, March 14, 2009


I think I should have named this Lea and her meanderings. Seem to get off the horse track. My only excuse is this time of the year I don't get out and do much with them EXCEPT look at them out my kitchen and Dining room windows. That makes me happy.

I did well at the tack swap. I made 154.00 with stuff. I did sell 2 pair of my boots which helped immensly. I went from 3 plastic crates to one. I was very pleased with myself. I think Bob was shocked. He didn't think I would sell much. Neener neener. Katie got some nice show clothes for a very reasonable price and she also got a nice show pad that will be very pretty on Abby. Shannon picked me up and drove then she got a driving harness. I really hope it will fit her mule. I did not find a fly mask for Pepper so will order one from a catalog. I found one that was for a 6/900 pound Arabian and that definately would not work for a Mustang head.

Bob has a terrible cold. I feel like I am coming down with it. I will not be sick, I won't, I won't. I am leaving thursday cold or not. I have been so vigilant to avoid it all winter and then it comes home to get me. LOL. I may not get up tomorrow, well I probably will Chrissy and Wendy are coming out for me to teach them to knit. I have not done it for years so this might be interesting. Tom is coming out to help his dad and I don't think he dad wants help tomorrow. He feels awful.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. congrats on selling a bunch of stuff. Thats fantastic.

  2. I hope Bob is bright and cheerful :) Brownie is a HORNET when he gets a cold!

  3. Bob isn't too wonderful either. He is trying though and yes Nikki it was wonderful.