Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I went and did some shopping today for things I will need in Albany like shampoo ect. I was just about out. Picked up some groceries I forgot the other day and found a pretty red sweater for $3.00. Was pretty proud of myself. I also got some goodies to snack on in the car.

I called in our ad for the Mustang Club meeting on March 26th. The exchange is good coverage for us. We are planning a campout and ride the first weekend in May near Odessa at Lakeview Ranch which is where the BLM adoption was last spring. It is a fun place to ride. You don't have to ride a mustang to come join us.

Not much of horse activity again today. I was going to go out and do some things and when I looked out it was snowing again. I think it was grauple. I spelled it wrong yesterday. Whatever the spelling, the ground was white and then the wind was blowing so I stayed inside.

I think I am ready to leave Thursday bright and early. Bob has to go out of town tomorrow so my idea of keeping the car and he driving the small truck is not going to work. So I will have to clean it up and load it after he gets home tomorrow. I am excited.

I am going to make my Thankful day on Tuesday. So today I am thankful for our daughter Nicolette Or better known as Nikki. She has been a special daughter since she was itty bitty. When she was a year old she weighed about 14 pounds and and talked like an adult. She was about 14 months old and in the grocery cart while I was shopping and this very large man walked by. I mean a 50" waist large man. Before I could stop her she reached out and socked him in the belly and said "Hi there fat man." I was humiliated and told him, I don't know whose kid she is. He and I both laughed. She went to a private kindergarten and walked with her friend Jack. They loved inseperable and when he did not go to first grade with her she was devestated. She was a very obedient complient little girl. She started out at Rogers High School but began begging us to go to Northwest Christian. She was old enough to drive and got a job to help pay the tuitition. She and I went to Honolulu for her high school graduation. It was a delightful good time. A couple of years later she married Carmen and he had a son and they had 6 more. She is a great mother and keeps a nice home. She works part time and is facing some medical challenges. She is a great blessing to us and we are very thankful the Lord saw fit to loan her to us.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. I love hearing that story of Nikki! Now she knows better to not sock people...thanks for the chuckle. She's a keeper!

  2. I think she would still do it :)

  3. I didn't want to say that Auntie but I was thinking it. Figured I'd let someone say it that she won't take out ;) She'd take me out in a heart beat..lol