Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday and its still cold.

Not complaining mind you, it just is. The snow is still crunchy and I like that. It started melting a little today for a short while but now its in the low 20's so ice is on our agenda.

Andrea of Mustang Saga said she was not going to keep her away from her horses. I told her she was a braver soul than me. It just does. Maybe by June my bones will warm up. I know all the horses are shedding and need groomed and worked with but unless its a necessity, cold wins out. It will get done. Katie did come and work on some showmanship stuff today. She only had an hour so that is all she did.

Ditto was so sweet tonight. She isn't always affectionate but she was tonight. I kissed her nose and got a mouth full of hair. I finished reading Chosen By A Horse last night and then cried myself to sleep. Its a good story, but I got to thinking about Ditto. I have had her 25 years and she is 28. I can not even think about losing her. She is healthy and active so I guess its kind of silly but that is me. Her muzzle is grey.

Tomorrow I will take my stuff out to the 4H Tack Swap and see what I can sell. I want cash to take to Albany or to the Lewiston Outdoor Show the next weekend. I have some set aside. I will go to the tack swap on Saturday and hopefully won't spend all I make. That has happened in the past. the only thing I am looking for is a fly mask with UV ray inhibitors for Pepper. The bright sun is hurting his eyes.

Went to Medical Lake to the used book store. Just bought a few and did not take any in to trade because I have a sack that are stamped by Rae's and they always take them back to trade. I didn't know the process for this store. I do now though. It is much closer. Rae's is by K Mart on N. Division.

Hope you have a great tomorrow.


  1. Lea, if you don't find a fly mask, and if you sew (I don't) I have some mesh material that will block 80% of the UV rays. I ordered it to make fly masks for Soxy when her eye trouble got bad, but I never made them. Let me know if you want to try that. I don't know if a regular sewing machine will even do the job, what do you think?

    I'm dying of jealousy! I'm not going to be able to go to the tack swap tomorrow. I really need a set of easyboots, I could use a saddle pad, I wouldn't mind looking at bosals... So many wonderful possibilities! Have fun, and I hope all your stuff sells!

  2. I will let you know. Yes I sew and have old ones to use for pattersn. Sorry you can't come.