Friday, March 13, 2009

Funky Friday

Got up feeling draggy this morning. Hate it when that happens. I had to get out to the fairgrounds by a lttle after 11 to get in line with my stuff. It is all consigned and I hope to make some money off the stuff. There was a lady consigning her items beside me and I saw bags of ribbons and bags of trophies. I nearly asked her why she did not just donate them to the 4H but that wasns't my place. I think some club will probably buy them That is what I have done with mine when I downsized. I still have some - the state ribbons and special show ribbons, and a sheet printed with Wild Rose Sr. Driving Chapinion 1999. Had another on just like it but I did use that on her.

It finally wore out. One lady ahead of me brought 9 saddles and a plastic crate of other stuff. I would love to just be able to walk around and look at things.

I am going with Shannon in the morning. We will leave here about 7. It is the first horse event of the season.

I read Nikki's blog a while ago titled Thankful Thursday - she must have done it last evening after I went to bed. I am going to start with my immediate family and tell you I am thankful for Scott. As a baby is always smiled and he was very compliant. He got to school and the trouble started. The tested him here and there and it just seem to get a good fit. His second grade yeacher Mr. Hanson was just wonderful with him, helped he learn to skip and instilled a love of math in him. School and he never could wor together and it was not at all Scotts fault. He did get his GED while working in oregon as a teenager. He wandered from here and there, sometimes in jail sometime suspension> He know we would not visit him in jail often and we did not. Thru all that, he did love us and told me often. He was married and divorced 2 times and produced 2 lovely childrun. He would be a grandpa now. I am thankful that day when we driving along on the outskirts of LasVegas on our way to visit friends in Arizona Bob and I were together when the call came and he had died. Scott died with a smile on his face, alone in his house but I know an angel sat by him until his friend found him. If you were Scotts friend you were his friend or life. We loved you Scotty boy and thankful for the time we had you. Scott Wesley Williams February 7, 1960 to Febrary 16, 2003

Have a good day tomorow - I will be telling you about my treasures..


  1. I loved Scotty best:) From the time he came home from the hospital till the last time I saw him with his big bear hug! He always wanted to please everyone. Maybe that's a fault, I don't know, if it was I don't care because I loved it in him.
    His Auntie~

  2. Lea,
    What a lovely memoir of Scott. I copied it into his "notes" section of my genealogy program as a tribute to his life. You have inspired me to do the same for my only son, Shawn that we lost in

  3. He did want to please everyone and that wasn't a fault but it got him into troubles alot of the time. His "friends" took advantage of that. He still holds a big piece of my heart that aches for one of those bear hugs. He would be so proud of Kiyanna. She looks just like he did at birth.